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Lisa Boostani

Lisa Boostani

Lisa Boostani is a true chameleon. As an upcoming photographer and video-artist from Irano-Spanish origin, she questions beauty standards through made-up worlds and fictional characters. She likes to impersonate surrealist, genderless figures in uncanny situations. The circus clown, with his ghostly costume and happy-sad face, eventually became her doppelganger. “It’s a special archetype, which makes me paradoxically feel most like myself” she says. “I always felt very constrained by social codes, how you are expected to act in public … In my self-portraits, the clown or the Harlequin costumes help me break free from people’s expectations or perceptions of me. Humour helps too!”

It’s also a way to counteract the constrictive norms of advertisement. Lisa Boostani’s playful characters are antidotes to the “perfect women” we are tirelessly asked to conform to, in ads or movies… “My goal is to invent self-presentation modes which tend towards neutrality. I don’t want to be seductive. In my videos, I confront the myths of femininity, the beautiful, blond-haired heroines of Hitchcock movies” she affirms. Just like the postmodern photographer Cindy Sherman or the dadaist artist Elsa von Freytag-Loringhoven, she embodies alternative visions of femininity.

Lisa believes in women’s energy and creative power, and explores it through dance, meditation, yoga and spiritual journeys. Authenticity drives her personal process, a difficult one in the age of Instagram and saturated egos. But once you unlock the key to your true self, singularity is no longer a dirty word: it’s the way you thrive.

Lisa studied art at the University of Toulouse (south of France) and graduated with a study of photography at the École des Gobelins of Paris where she has been working in the making of music videos, fashion, and advertising films.