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VENDETTA is a creative production company specializing in both domestic and international productions working for household brands across the world. We pride ourselves on our vision of an inclusive society which inspires us to tell powerful stories that move hearts. 

As a woman-of-color co-owned business, our multicultural expertise makes us the perfect production partner to craft unique and captivating video and photography campaigns for both English-speaking and Latino audiences.

Nelly CaStillo

Owner – Executive Producer

I’m an enthusiastic go-getter, non-stop creative, multicultural communicator and entrepreneur.
I use practical ideas and strategy to fulfill objectives with the combination of sales expertise, positive interaction, professionalism, creativity, reliability, fun and excitement. With a Bachelor Degree in Communications from the prestigious UNAM, I strive for effective and courteous communication with client and staff.

Joan Pla

Owner – Executive Producer

I came to the US following my music career but ended up discovering my true passion, audiovisual production.

I’ve worked in projects for brands such as Coca Cola, Corona, Toyota, Nissan, Adidas, WordPress, Doritos, RAM, Canon, Uber, and many others. This experience has allowed me to integrate a high-level production concept into independent productions helping achieve the best results for our clients.